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KBVO Starting Lineups

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Southern Sport is sponsoring the Texas High School KBVO Starting Lineups

Also, use coupon code "Hurricane" for $5 donation to Salvation Army for hurricanes #Harvey & #Irma at www.tdirazur.com

Harvey Relief

The TDI Razur, by Southern Sport, is a Made in the USA product because we love the USA. We recognize the hardships that our fellow Americans in Texas are facing and we will donate $5.00 for every product sold on www.southernsport.net using the coupon code “Harvey”. This donation will be made to the Salvation Army monthly. If you are [...]

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Cleveland Browns' Project to Build 5 New Turf Fields

The Cleveland Browns officially began a project on May 27th to assist in building 5 new synthetic turf fields for schools in the Metropolitan District of Cleveland.  This project is projected to take two-years, but is aimed at encouraging the youth of Cleveland in taking more/ continuing their interests in athletics. For the full story, check [...]

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TDI Razur sponsors KBVO High School football game of the week

TDI Razur and Southern Sport Inc. sponsor KBVO High School Football game of the week!  Check the video out!https://www.facebook.com/joseph.teichert.14/videos/1730632817209203/

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The Turf Battle: @debrisinhibitor

The Turf Battle: From 2011-2014, the Colorado Department of Public Health has given out more... http://bit.ly/1R6O4U2 @debrisinhibitorhttps://twitter.com/ralmart01/status/732643797125844996

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The Turf Battle

From 2011-2014, the Colorado Department of Public Health has given out more than $2 million in grants to install 40 athletic fields and playgrounds across various schools/districts in Colorado.  In the coming year, the Environmental Protection Agency will release preliminary results linking the potential exposures athletes may experience in using these facilities.  No matter the [...]

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15 of 31 Schools in Western North Carolina Will Play On Turf

With the addition of Smoky Mountain artificial turf field, 15 of 31 schools will play on artificial turf. The field is going to be in-filled with organic in-fill and not crumb rubber.No matter, what the in-fill is made of, it will still be debris. An easy, reusable and affordable solution is www.tdirazur.com. Checkout the full article at http://usatodayhss.com/2016/smoky-turf-field-gets-green-light

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Global Artificial Grass Turf Market to Reach USD 2 Billion by 2019, According to Technavio

The global turf market to grow to $2 billion USD by 2019. The increase is related to water conservation and the fact that pesticides and agricultural chemicals don't need to be used for artificial turf. Regardless of the type of infill used, Southern Sport, Inc is committed to developing more products to keep the infill from [...]

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Customizable Spats

Southern Sport, Inc. can now customize the TDI Razur, 24 pair minimum. Call 855 TDIRAZR to place your order

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New Turf Field at Brainerd's in Chicago

New turf field opens. Use @debrisinhibitor to keep the crumb rubber on the field, not in the field house or in your vehicle.www.tdirazur.com

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