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New Turf Field for Jackson County Schools in North Carolina

Keep the infill on the field and not in your shoes. With TDI RazurTurf. (Photo: COURTESY PHOTO)SYLVA – Lawn care is on a lot of people's minds in Western North Carolina with the weather turning warmer.Smoky Mountain may be ripping up some grass rather than tending it very soon.The Mustangs could begin a two-month installation [...]

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Preliminary Tests Finds Crumb Rubber Safe

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation paid for tests on safety on crumb rubber fields and the initial results show the fields safe.More studies are to be completed within the year.http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20160311/NEWS01/1...

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Products now available for pre-order

Southern Sport, Inc's. Baseline designs are now available for pre-order.We can also do custom colors with a 1 dozen minimum. Pre-order yours today at http://www.tdirazur.com/tdi-razur-baseline/#.VrE_XPkrLIU

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Southern Sport What's New

The designers at Southern Sport have been busy getting ready for 2016. These are just a few of the cool designs we will be releasing soon.

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The antimicrobial effects of silver

New things are coming from Southern Sport! Take a look at the positive effects of silver technologyhttp://www.nature.com/news/silver-makes-antibiotics-thousands-of-times-more-effective-1.13232

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Keep the debris on the field

Regardless of the type of turf you play on, keep the debris on the field and not in your shoes with the TDI Razur and TDI Razur Multi-Purpose.http://www.nhregister.com/social-affairs/20160117/guilford-madison-school-officials-stand-by-crumb-rubber-despite-opposition

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Regardless of Crumb Rubber or Coconut

Whether it's crumb rubber or coconut fiber, keep debris out of your shoes and have a stylish look with the TDI Razur and TDI Razur MP.http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/williamsville-school-board-chooses-epdm-rubber-for-athletic-fields-20160112

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Scharbauer Sports Complex Expands

Keep the crumb rubber on the field and not in the field house at Scharbauer Sports Complex. http://www.mrt.com/news/top_stories/article_b430c1f8-b992-11e5-88d5-db2bfbaf43e9.html

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The turf you play on makes a difference

Regardless of playing on either of the 3 types of turf, the TDI Razur and TDI Razur MP will keep debris where it belongs, on the field and not in your shoes.http://thevarsity.ca/2016/01/11/turfs-up/

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AFCA Starting 1/10/2016 in San Antonio

In honor of the AFCA starting January 10th, 2016 in San Antonio, TX, Southern Sport is giving a 20% discount on all their items, by using the coupon code AFCA at www.tdirazur.comWe can ship internationally. 

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