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Greece, N.Y. - The Greece Central School District put together a project proposal to build an $8.5 million athletic stadium for its high schools to share. "We're not trying to build an NFL stadium here but we do want to have stadium that can accommodate all sports and that's able to house or host sectional games," said Deputy Superintendent Shaun Nelms. "Our students have been quite clear that when they go to other facilities that they are at a disadvantage," Nelms said. When the sun sets over the fields at Greece schools it stays dark; it's the only district in Monroe County that doesn't have a lighted field. Greece teams only play on the field during daylight hours and and Friday Night Football is something students only get to experience at away games. "It's a culture I think we've been missing for quite some time - I think it will be great for the community," said Mike Rinas. The father of two Greece graduates, Rinas said it will make sports better for students and parents. "The night stuff was always a frustration because let's be honest, when can people get out and enjoy themselves?" Rinas said it was always tough to make it to the games to watch his kids because during the day, he's at work. Rinas said, "You have to get out of work early to try to get to the games, so this would be nice." The new stadium would be built next to the football field at Greece Arcadia, but all of the high schools would share the facility. Nelms said, "To have night games, play under the lights, we can't afford to do that, it wouldn't be fiscally responsible to offer that in all of our high schools at once." For $8.5 million dollars the district could build one state of the art stadium, equipped with an artificial turf field, a press box, ticket booth, concession stand and seating for up to 2,600 people. Nelms said the logos of all the schools would be posted at the stadium and the turf field would be painted a neutral color-a name has not been determined but in sticking with the Greek theme, Nelms said he likes 'The Coliseum.' Superintendent of Schools, Barbara Dean-Williams said the stadium wouldn't just be used for sports or by the schools; it would be for the entire town. Williams said, "To have a focus and a site that we can see on the weekends as being a very vibrant and active section of the community so again we really think it's exciting just from that school spirit." Nelms said, "I can't wait to be in the bleacher opening day, under the lights watching our teams compete and I think our community is ready for that and they want that." "Yes and no I don't ever like to see taxes go up, Rinas said, "but I think part of that growth of the community is that we need to provide better facilities for the schools." If the stadium plan is approved, district officials said annual property taxes would go up $12 on a $100,000 home. The new stadium will go up for vote in March, along a $35 million capital improvement project. 

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