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1. What is The TDI Razur?

The TDI Razur is a barrier preventing fragments from playing surfaces from entering athletic shoes. Debris within the shoe can lead to discomfort, distraction, and even injury for the player. The Patent Pending design of the TDI Razur slips over the outside of the shoe, replacing the need for costly and time consuming taping. Unlike tape, The TDI Razur provides a snug feel while maintaining proper airflow for ventilation.

2. How does The TDI Razur work?

The athlete puts the sport spat on like a sock, but over the shoe. The Patent Pending design includes properly placed holes on the sole to provide a snug fit while adapting to fit around various cleat patterns. The spat is pulled above the ankle, onto the sock, covering the opening of the shoe with a complete barrier while allowing freedom of motion.

3. Can I wear The TDI Razur on natural grass turf?

The TDI Razur may be worn on natural grass, though in muddy conditions it may not hold up as well. It can be worn on artificial turf in any weather condition.

4.How long does The TDI Razur last?

Under normal wear on turf fields The TDI Razur should last all season long. On natural grass turf its life will be shorter.

5. After I wear The TDI Razur it looks stretched out of shape, what do I do?

The TDI Razur is made from memory material, just wash it in cold water, without bleach, and dry. The TDI Razur will shrink back to its original size and shape.

6. What is The TDI Razur Warranty?

One Year with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or Your Money Back.



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